About our Company


Hard Money Harry was an idea that Journeyman Lineman and Dyami Creations Co-founder, Jason Dyami, had in his head for a very long time. He was bored with all of the basic lineman related products out there.

Eventually, the stars aligned and he was able to make his idea a reality. With the help of co-founder and wife Mary, they started designing and creating all of the products that you see here and eventually made it a blue collar clothing line.

Six Twelves Clothing Co. will bring about “Harrys” for as many blue collar trades as possible. The lineman was first (for obvious reasons) 😉

The second is Harry The Logger - in memory of one of the greatest , most hardworking men to ever work in the woods, Mary’s dad, Dean Davis. A man who loved working in the woods so much, he drew his last breath there.

We hope you enjoy our Harry lines as much as we enjoy creating them. We will be bringing other fun designs and products to you soon and hopefully for years to come!

Jason & Mary